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We will code you a customized Discord bot or self-bot. We use JavaScript (Discord.js), Python (Discord.py) or Rust (Serenity) depending on your needs.



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Have you ever thought of having your own Discord bot? Now is the time. We can do the design, coding and development all in-house.

We have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge on Discord, and you'll love how in depth you can control your bot.

It can communicate with a whole list of Discord features like:

  • Self-bots
  • Chat Commands
  • Rich Presence
  • Webhooks
  • Events, notifications
  • Permissions
  • OAuth

With a custom bot you can...

  • Perform Text Commands Inline
  • Customize Rich Presence's Appearance
  • Perform Maths
  • Perform Commands via Events
  • Image/file manipulation
  • Interact with external APIs
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Governance voted roles
  • Send custom messages when triggered
  • Display statistics of cryptocurrencies or from API endpoint
  • File system operations

And it's only the tip of the iceberg!


Basic Standart Premium
Price ~$20 ~$40 >$60
Delivery Up to 14 days Up to 20 days Over 20 days
Revisions 5 7 10
Commands Up to 30 Up to 50 Up to 80
API integration Depends Yes Yes
Source code Yes Yes Yes
Bug fixes* Yes Yes Yes

*Fixing bugs for 4 months after the order.

Hosting is provided for additional $1/mo, more if it is resource intensive, e.g., image recognition, AI.



Email nextgentech@yandex.com


Web Development

Web Development


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Telegram Custom Bot

Telegram Custom Bot


We will code you a customized Telegram bot. We use JavaScript (node.js).

Discord Accounts

Discord Accounts


Get email verified accounts. We include tokens, usernames and passwords. Perfect for raiding and advertising on multiple Discord servers. All of them have random usernames with profile pictures.